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Tip of The Month - November 2017

Using basic and preferred qualifications:

Basic qualifications are determined by 4 prongs: (1) the job seeker applies for an open position; (2) the job seeker is considered for the job; (3) the job seeker meets the basic qualifications; and (4) the job seeker does not remove him/herself from consideration. Basic qualifications must be definable and measurable; i.e., education and work experience should be specific. OFCCP’s expectations of basic qualifications are (1) noncomparative (meaning not comparing job seekers to each other); (2) objective (measurable); and (3) relevant (to the duties of the job). Work experience should be defined in terms of years and/or type. The qualifications advertised need to match any written qualifications for the job, such as those delineated in the job description. Where there is no written job description, the basic qualifications will be determined by the job duties in the advertisement so it is important to pay attention to these descriptions. While not basic qualifications, other criteria should be stated, such as, work location, travel expectations and frequency, shift if applicable, required overtime, standing or sitting for prolonged periods of time, etc. These conditions of employment will allow the job seeker to determine whether or not to apply. The use of “preferred qualifications” will help minimize or reduce the number of job seekers to consider. So, if you have a large job seeker pool, you should not try to consider (review the qualifications) all of them. This greatly inflates the applicant pool, creates a large number of records to maintain, and takes a considerable amount of time not only to review but to assign a disposition. A preferred qualification might be work experience that is specific to a certain task or use of specific machinery, etc. Using preferred qualifications does not change the designations of those who meet the basic qualifications; all of those job seekers would remain in the “applicant pool” until and unless they remove themselves (withdraw their interest).

Joyce Morgan, Morgan Consulting Services, LLC
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Tuesday February 8th, 2018

Cost: $15 per member. $40 per non-member or guest
Location: GPD Group, Columbus, OH
Time: 10:00 am to 2:00 pm
Meeting Information
  • 2018 Outlook: OFCCP/EEOC Enforcement Activity and Trends
  • Managing an OFCCP Audit: What is expected and how to present to OFCCP (Continued from November Meeting)
  • Update from OFCCP

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